Terms and How to Register Grabbike 2022 Online

In recent years, the online motorcycle taxi profession has become one of the new professions that many Indonesians are engaged in, either as their main job or as a side job. This is inseparable from the driver’s income which is quite sufficient and the flexibility of work that can be done at any time.

If Gojek is an application made by the nation’s children, it is different with Grab. Grab is an On Demand service platform that started in Malaysia and is headquartered in Singapore. The company has now grown by adding several other services such as delivery of goods, ordering food, even for online payment transactions.

Grab is one of the start-up companies with the status of the first Decacorn in Southeast Asia. This means that Grab’s valuation is more than $10 billion.

The presence of Grab in Indonesia is certainly a blessing for the wider community. This is because apart from providing services for their consumers, Grab also opens up great opportunities for Indonesians to become their partners. Both as a grabbike (online motorcycle taxi), a grabfood provider, or other services.

As an alternative transportation, online motorcycle taxis have gained a lot of trust from the public. Moreover, those who have high mobility in big cities often use online motorcycle taxis as a transportation option to avoid traffic jams. Of course this is a guarantee that being an online motorcycle taxi, including grabbike, is a promising additional source of income.

The government as a regulator has also adjusted the basic fare for online motorcycle taxis so as not to harm each other, both the applicator and driver partners. This shows how much the government has given great attention to online motorcycle taxis. So it can be ascertained that the interest in becoming a Grabbike driver also continues to grow every day.

There are many benefits that you can get by becoming a Grab partner. One of them is to increase income with time that you can adjust yourself.

What is the Registration Process to Become a Grabbike Partner?

Previously, registration for Grabbike partners had to be done by going directly to the Grab office with a very long queue. Not even a few of the prospective grabbike partners are willing to stay overnight so they can get an earlier queue number.

But don’t worry! Now there is an easier method, namely by registering as a grabbike partner online. However, after registering you still have to come to the Grab office for data validation purposes.

We believe there are still many people who don’t know and are looking for information on how to register for grabs online or come directly for data validation. For details, please refer to the steps and procedures for registering a Grabbike starting from the beginning until finally you can immediately receive orders.

You can do this guide on how to register for a grabbike online using a smartphone, laptop, or PC. The important thing is to make sure you have good internet access before starting registration!

Note: The Grabbike driver account already has a Grabfood driver (delivery food) and Grabexpress (between packages) account in it. So when you successfully register and are accepted, then you can activate these 3 services.

Updated 2022 Grabbike Registration Requirements

Before moving on to the grabbike list tutorial, you must first prepare all the required documents for the online motorcycle taxi registration process on this one. All documents are the latest data and are still valid so that there are no problems during the registration process.

Grabbike Registration Document Requirements

The required documents that must be prepared are as follows:

  • Valid e-KTP (Resident Identity Card) or receipt from Dukcapil along with a photocopy of it.
  • Certificate of RT/RW domicile for those from outside the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi areas.
  • Original KK (Family Card) and photocopy
  • Health certificate from an alternative doctor for those of you who are over 50 years old
  • STNK (at least 2015) according to the vehicle number along with a photocopy.
  • A valid SKCK (Police Record Certificate) can be according to the domicile and photocopy.
  • A valid SIM C and a photocopy of it.

Motor Vehicle Requirements

In addition to meeting the Grabbike administrative requirements in the form of the documents above, the condition of the vehicle also determines whether or not you are eligible to become a Grabbike partner. The following are the vehicle requirements that can be registered when applying as a grabbike partner:

  • All motorbikes can be registered, but provided that they are not modified motorbikes or are still factory standard, Motor Tracking such as (Trail motorbikes, Cross, and so on).
  • Motor is in good or decent condition. Both the body and the vehicle engine and can operate properly.
  • For now, the year of manufacture of the motorbike is at least 2015.

How to Register as a Grabbike Partner Online 2022

After all the requirements above are ready, please scan or take photos of all the files above so they can be uploaded. For the first online registration process, please follow these steps:

  • First, you go to the www.grab.com/id site, then click the words “Be Our Partner” then select a bike driver.
  • Fill in the data in the form provided as requested. In addition to filling in your data, you will also be asked to determine the city where you will become a grabbike driver, so the city available here is the city where Grab is currently opening registration for grabbike partners. After all the data is filled in, check the column provided and then click register!
  • Next, a confirmation code will be sent via SMS. The code is a 4-digit number, then fill in the code in the registration form provided.
  • After that, we will automatically enter the next menu. There are 2 main data that you must complete, namely personal data and vehicle data.
  • The first is to fill in “Bio Details”. Please fill in the data correctly and upload a picture of yourself.
  • After uploading a photo of your personal data, please click on the words “KTP”. Then upload a photo of a valid ID card and fill it in according to the ID card data. Also upload a photo of a family card. When finished, click “Save” and return to the previous menu.
  • Next input your SIM
  • Next, click on the text ‚ÄúSKCK Police Record, upload a picture and fill in the data according to the
  • SKCK. Then click submit to continue.
  • Fill in the Account Information and Upload the Account Book according to your personal data.
  • Then enter the emergency contact information data that can be contacted.
  • After everything is done, check all the columns in the “declaration” and “consent” sections and click “Save”.
  • For the next process you must fill in the info of the vehicle you will use, upload a photo of “STNK” and fill in the data correctly then click Save.

Make sure all the data uploaded and entered in the registration form is filled out correctly. Then you just have to wait for confirmation from Grab to take part in the registration selection or data validation via SMS invitation to come to the nearest Grab office.

For that make sure the number you enter is always active because if you have received an SMS from Grab, it means you have passed the administrative selection.

Then after being declared pass what should you do next?

Offline File Validation

Please come to the specified office address and don’t forget to bring all the documents needed for manual file validation. If the data validation is declared successful, you will be immediately directed to the Safety Riding Test. When you later pass this test, you are officially accepted as a grabbike partner.

The manual file validation procedure is as follows:

  • Fill out the file validation form manually
  • Submit all files to the officer along with the filled registration form
  • If the data is declared appropriate, please proceed to the next post for inspection of motorized vehicles according to factory standards
  • After the motorbike is declared eligible, it will be directed to take the Safety Riding Test. For the
  • Safety Riding Test, it is carried out according to applicable standards such as a driving license test.
  • If declared pass, please enter the account registration section and input document data
  • Prepare Cash of 100,000 for the initial Top Up so that you can be active and receive orders.
  • You are ready to jump into the field to become an online motorcycle taxi using the great uniform of Grab Indonesia.
  • For the record, if you do not pass one of the tests above, you can continue the next day and go directly to the post that is declared failed.

That’s how to register to become a grabbike driver online in 2022 along with a data validation guide via offline. Hopefully it can help those of you who are interested in joining the online motorcycle taxi squad under the Grab Indonesia flag.

This registration information applies to all regional locations in Indonesia, starting from Bali, Balikpapan, Bandar Lampung, Bandung, Banjarmasin, Banjarnegara, Banjarpatroman, Batam, Bekasi, Bengkulu, Blitar, Bogor, Bojonegoro, Brebes, Ciamis, Cianjur, Cibubur, Cikarang, cilacap, cimahi, cirebon, cirebon, denpasar, depok, arrowroot, gorontalo, gresik, indramayu, jabodetabek, jakarta, jakarta, west jakarta, east jakarta, north jakarta, jambi, jember, jepara, jogja, jogjakarta (yogyakarta), jombang, karawang, kebumen, kediri, kendal, kendari, klaten, poor city, Kudus, brass, kupang, lamongan, Lampung, madiun, magelang, magetan, majalengka, makassar, malang, manado, Medan, metro Lampung, mojokerto, nganjuk, padang, palembang, base areca nut, pasuruan, starch, Pekalongan, Pekanbaru, Pemalang, pontianak, Purwalingga, Purwakarta, Purwokerto, Purworejo, Salatiga, samarinda, semarang, attack, sidoarjo, solo, srengseng, subang, sukabumi, sumedang, surabaya, tangerang, tasikmalaya , Tegal, Temanggung, Yog Yakarta and other big cities (check your city above!!!)

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