How to Register an Easy GrabBike ATM?

ATM is a card that is usually used to withdraw money yourself without having to go to the bank. In addition, it can also be used for other transactions such as transfers and certain payments. In fact, now for online transportation, there is an easy way to register a GrabBike ATM.

As technology develops, there is now an application called Grab which is one of the online motorcycle taxi service providers. One of Grab’s products is GrabBike, which operates motorbikes as a fleet.

Easy Way to Register GrabBike ATM

GrabBike ATM is one of the products that must be owned by Grab online motorcycle taxi drivers. Because everything is done online and digitally, drivers need this to be able to top up or disburse payments. Here’s how to make it:

1. How to Register a GrabBike Account

To be able to register a GrabBike account, you must first have the requirements. One of the things needed is NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number). If you don’t have one, it’s best to take care of it at the tax office first.

But if you don’t want to take care of it, you can use a certificate of not earning. You can make this yourself as an administrative requirement for account creation. The statement letter shows that you do not have an NPWP obligation.

The following is a list of requirements that you need to prepare when you come to the CIMB Niaga office:

  • Original E-KTP

E-KTP is a mandatory identification that must be owned by every Indonesian citizen. This identification is electronic based. Equipped with a chip as a pointer to all personal data that was recorded during its manufacture.

However, if your E-KTP has not been made, you can use a certificate issued by the population and civil registry office. The letter shows that the person concerned has recorded the electronic ID card, but there are no pieces yet.

  • Original TIN

This is a number that is given to a person as a means in tax administration which is used as a personal identification or identity of a taxpayer, in carrying out his tax rights and obligations.

  • Money

Is a legal tender, whether in the form of paper money or coins. You need it to make an initial payment to CIMB Niaga as an initial deposit for creating a GrabBike account.

  • Smartphones That Have the Grab Driver Application Installed

Smartphone is a mobile phone that has the ability to resemble a computer. This will be a tool to connect with GrabBike service users.

Installing the GrabBike application is very easy. You only need internet quota to be able to access it. Next, go to the Play Store application and write down the grab driver. Then select install, then the application will automatically be on your smartphone.

2. How to Create a GrabBike Account

How to create a GrabBike account can be done at the CIMB Niaga office. You can go to the office which is located closest to your home. Here’s how to create a GrabBike account:

  • Ask the security guard for the queue number first.
  • After getting the queue number, ask for an account opening application form.
  • While waiting for your turn to receive service, fill out and complete the form first.
  • After arriving at your turn, customer service will ask for your referral code. This code can be seen in the Grab Driver application that has been installed on the smartphone.
  • Next, the customer will be asked for the requirements to create a GrabBike account.
  • Submit eKTP and NPWP to CIMB Niaga customer service.
  • After that, customer service will process the registration for opening an account.
  • You will then be asked to sign the form with a stamp duty of 6000 provided by CIMB Niaga.
  • However, you must replace the stamp duty fee.
  • Furthermore, the account is active and you are required to make an initial deposit of Rp. 20,000
  • The account creation process was successful.

After knowing how to register an easy GrabBike account above, you are required to create an ATM, by:

3. How to Create a GrabBike ATM

There are two ways to create a GrabBike ATM, namely:

  • In the same office as GrabBike Account Creation

Creating a GrabBike ATM cannot be done immediately when creating an account. You need one day after creating an account at CIMB Niaga bank. And you can do this in the same office.

Come back to the office the next day after creating the account. Do not forget to bring proof of payment of the initial deposit. By showing it to the bank clerk, you only need to wait a moment and you can get the ATM.

  • At the CIMB Niaga Bank Booth at the Grab Office

This is done if you want to have a GrabBike ATM faster. By visiting the Bank CIMB Niaga booth at the Grab office and the ATM can be done immediately. However, its presence is still limited t

Grab’s head office and several branch offices in big cities.

4. How to Register a GrabBike Mobile Account

To be able to make a top up disbursement, because the grab party transfers to the CIMB Niaga account that the driver has. Then you need to register the account that you created into the Grab Driver application. Here’s how to register a GrabBike mobile account:

  • Please open the Grab Driver application.
  • Enter the cash wallet menu.
  • Then select transfer to account.
  • Then select the + sign to add an account.
  • Then select CIMB Niaga and enter the owner’s name and account number.
  • Check the data entry again, if it is correct tap confirm.

Those are some ways to register a GrabBike ATM to the steps to register it on a cellphone. Actually, how to register is very easy. It just requires some special conditions and can’t be done right away unless you already have all the requirements.

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