How to Improve Performance and Rating of the Latest Grab Drivers 2022

Every time you complete an order, sometimes there are ratings and reviews that are deemed inappropriate from customers. As a result, if the customer gives a bad rating and review, then this can make it more difficult for the driver’s account to find another order, not to mention if the driver gets some new problems such as food falling, dropping the customer off because of trivial things (for example: a vehicle). problem), and the goods sent were damaged in packaging.

From the complaints mentioned earlier, there may be sanctions in the form of temporary account freezing, even worse, you have to replace it in full and you could be in danger of breaking up with your partner! So Mimin will give you several solutions for how to increase your rating and performance so that your account is getting messy, orders are crowded and of course the income of Grab drivers is increasing.

Tips to Increase Grab Driver Rating and Performance

Both Grabbike and Grabcar drivers are the same, both want passengers to give satisfactory reviews and stars. This is nothing more than a win win solution where the driver must make the passenger as comfortable as possible, and in return the user must give the driver a good rating. This of course also affects the performance of the driver. Check out complete tips on how to prevent Grab driver performance from dropping!

1. Accept all types of orders that come in, don’t skip orders!

This will affect the performance in the Grab Driver application. Performance is assessed based on each time you reject an order that comes, and if you reject an order more than 3 times, then you will be given a message in the form of a warning so you don’t repeat the same thing again. It’s even worse if you receive a suspended notification or temporary account freeze for the next 24 hours. This of course makes you lose in terms of time and energy to make a living. So, just accept the existing orders! Don’t waste it, orders will be empty!

2. Get in the habit of smiling every time you meet a customer

Smile is charity. In addition, smiling is also a good way of responding to other people. As a Grab driver, you must get used to smiling when delivering food to the customer’s address, receiving orders for delivery of goods, and also taking passengers. This can provide an opportunity to increase the rating as well as a positive review.

One of the most important things is that customers will respect and appreciate your performance as a driver and hope that you will be more active and more enthusiastic about looking for orders.

3. Avoid impolite sentences when chatting with customers

After you receive the order, you can ask and confirm to the passenger, whether it’s asking the customer’s position, whether the food ordered is additional or not and also taking photos of the physical goods that will be sent. As a good Grab driver, you should give a polite opening and closing greetings such as “Good morning, afternoon or evening” and also “Good or okay”.

Avoid inappropriate sentences. And if you are confused by the customer’s reply, it would be nice if you replied with a sentence like “Sorry, I don’t understand, can you repeat it again?”. In this way, passengers/customers will feel calm and appreciate you.

Such a trivial thing, but it brings a big effect, especially to your reviews. The point is, avoid sentences that are less pleasing.

4. Provide the best service for customers in using your services (Especially for GrabBike and GrabExpress)

For example, in the GrabBike service, you can provide masks and helmets in good condition. Likewise with the GrabExpress service, you must have the tools that support you, such as a rope for example. Of course this will make your work easier so that it is more effective and customers will be satisfied with the service you provide by giving a good rating.

5. Practice Good Partner Standards

Always do these things to demonstrate your qualities as a quality Grab partner:

  • Always dress clean, fragrant, and polite
  • Make sure the vehicle is always in a well-maintained and clean condition
  • Don’t make customers wait too long. If there is a disaster such as an accident, contact the customer to process the service
  • For Grabbike drivers, always provide a good and odorless helmet for passengers
  • When picking up customers, don’t forget to say hello and smile
  • Confirm the destination address with the customer before departing to avoid the wrong address. If the destination is not well known or not listed on maps, ask the customer for details
  • Help customers to raise goods if any
  • Provide a mask or raincoat if needed.

6. When Picking Up Passengers

When the order has been entered in the application, it’s a good idea for the Grab driver to never cancel any incoming orders. This will make it difficult for the application to capture orders and the revenue received will also decrease. In order for the services provided to satisfy customers, Grab drivers can do the following:

  • Greet customers by name to avoid pick-up errors
  • Confirm the pick-up address to avoid pick-up errors or a long time to pick-up
  • When the address has been found, re-confirm the customer and the delivery destination.
  • Help customers with luggage and provide helmets or other items such as masks or raincoats if needed.
  • GrabCar customers are reminded to use seat belts.
  • If the customer’s destination is to the airport, remind them not to forget the plane ticket and identification for check-in.

7. Etiquette During Travel

Travel time is the longest time for drivers to deal with customers. So, it’s a good idea if the driver shows a good image, for example:

  • For Grabbike drivers, you should give masks to customers before leaving
  • Drive politely and well, not recklessly and too fast
  • As much as possible avoid sudden braking
  • Invite passengers to chat to show friendliness. If the customer is comfortable chatting (happy to answer and tell stories), keep the conversation in a positive direction and don’t disturb the passenger’s privacy. If the customer seems uncomfortable, it’s best to talk less and talk when necessary.

8. When You Get To Your Destination

Even though the service process has been completed, drivers still have to deal with customers. So, preserve the image by doing the following:

  • Make sure the payment is in accordance with the meter that has been listed
  • Avoid intentionally asking for more than metered payments
  • Always say thank you
  • Remind customers to give stars
  • A little note on the last point; sometimes there are Grab users who don’t know about the star and comment feature (usually, this is done by new users who close the application immediately after the service is finished). By reminding, usually customers will immediately give a star and increase the driver’s opportunity to increase the star rating. However, always remember to be polite and don’t force customers to give stars.

Those are the various ways to increase the star rating of Grabbike and Grabcar drivers. The methods above have been proven to increase the performance value of motorcycle taxi drivers. If you want to consistently maintain quality as a driver, do the things above every time you meet a customer. Good luck!

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