How to Become a Priority (Exclusive) Grabfood Driver, Must Be Invited!

Grab as an on-demand application company offers many services that make it easy, one of which is grabfood where we can order food or drinks with just a finger. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of the Mager virus that makes someone not want to do things that they think are troublesome. Therefore, the Grabfood service is one of the services that has a very high demand, especially at certain times such as lunch and dinner hours.

With such a large demand, of course, Grab has the option to make their service the best choice by creating a special Grabfood partner who is only tasked with accepting Grabfood orders.

What is the Priority (Exclusive) Grabfood Troop?

Hello friends, greetings to one asphalt. Have you ever seen a grab driver going back and forth in and out of a restaurant carrying a bag behind him? If you don’t know, these are special forces from Grab who are only tasked with taking orders in the form of food. They are indeed special, usually they have a jacket and a Grabfood label on the jacket.

You already know how exclusive impressions are made and how to become something exclusive is very special. For example, a brand is said to be exclusive or special if it has an advantage that other brands do not have, be it product quality, price, or even not just because of its name.

There must be someone who thinks “it’s not even a loss, you can only take restaurant orders, it’s better for Grabbike, which has a lot of services, so more orders come in…”. Yup, surely not a few think so and think that the Priority Grabfood Driver is just a partner fooling around. There’s nothing wrong with what they say but that’s why they are said to be Exclusive. Where they get their own privileges such as incentives and priority Grabfood orders. So if there is a Grabfood order then they are the first priority by the Grab Server.

How come you must have started to be interested in becoming an Exclusive Grabfood Troop. Of course, the question has also started to arise, “So how do you make it a priority Grabfood troop?”. Be patient, everything will be discussed in full here, so don’t forget to read carefully and read to the end so you don’t make a mistake because of the lack of information. Previously, consider some of its advantages.

Benefits of Partners Joining Exclusive GrabFood in 2022

As a priority Grabfood Partner, all services will be lost and only the types of Grabfood services will remain. but take it easy even though there is only one service but for income it can be bigger with the provision of incentives or bigger bonuses with abundant orders because it is prioritized along with some of the advantages.

1. Efficient Working Hours

By becoming an Exclusive Grabfood Partner, you can manage your time and working hours more efficiently. How come? because for Grabfood orders we can map it or mapping it with the condition that peak hours for Grabfood orders are usually at lunch and dinner hours. And at those hours the orders are crowded and the incentives are high, it can even be 3x more than other times.

2. Get Exclusive Jackets and Bags

By joining as a Priority Partner, you will get an exclusive jacket and bag that says Grabfood. Of course this is a plus because we can carry more food safely and without fear of falling apart.

3. Without Top UP and Capital

Maybe many have felt how difficult it is if we want to work but have to prepare capital for Top Up and capital to pay for restaurants. But this is the difference being a Priority Partner Grab has collaborated with restaurants that work with them with selected restaurant labels.

In this selected restaurant, Partners do not need to prepare initial capital to buy food at the restaurant. Because restaurant bills are automatically deducted from direct customer payments. if you use the Cash payment method, it will be accumulated to the next order.

4. Getting Combined Order

Combined orders are one of Grab’s latest breakthroughs that make it easier for partners to earn more. The partner’s work system will get orders or direct orders for 2-3 orders in one restaurant and in the same line.

When partners get an order, they will get the opportunity to get a second and third order in the restaurant but in the same line. Of course this is very beneficial for partners because they don’t have to wait long for the next order.

5. Get Promo

As an Exclusive Partner, you can get various privileges, one of which is getting food or drinks for free. For this promotion terms and conditions apply. And for the restaurant will also change every time with different benefits and products as well.

6. Increase Income

With all the advantages above, of course, it will make it easier for drivers to earn more, not a difficult thing. Grabfood has a lucrative scheme in terms of incentives, which can be 3x more than other services with relatively less performance. The amount of incentives is different for each partner because of their respective performance levels. The more you execute orders and complete them, the higher the incentives and bonuses you will receive.

After all the advantages described above, are you more interested in becoming a priority Grabfood Partner? If yes, then first consider some of the requirements that you must have in order to become part of a Grabfood Partner.

Requirements to Become a Priority GrabFood Partner (Exclusive)

The requirements to become a Grabfood Partner are actually very easy, but we have to be patient because only the best partners can become Grabfood’s troops. The system applied is the invitation method. In other words, the best way to be invited to become a priority Grabfod team is to fulfill the conditions such as keeping your performance good and rating above 4.8 and above. For more details, read the following terms.

  • Registered as a Grabbike driver
  • Minimum rating of 4.8 or more
  • Maximum cancellation 3x a day
  • Don’t choose the order, accept all incoming orders
  • Often take Grabfood Cash or Non-cash orders

After all the requirements above, you have met the qualification standards to become a Grabfood Partner. Then you only need to wait 2-3 weeks with the above conditions being maintained. For the process as follows.

  • Meet the requirements above
  • Get invitations for training either via SMS or the Grab Driver application directly
  • Confirm your availability to join at the specified time and place
  • Follow all directed procedures
  • After the training is complete, all your services will be lost and only Grabfood remains
  • Congratulations on becoming an Exclusive Grabfood Partner

Keep in mind that after you become a Priority Partner, you are required to maintain your performance so that it remains good and according to a minimum standard rating of 4.8 so that your orders remain smooth and your incentives and bonuses will increase.

Maybe that’s enough information that I can share for information on the terms and benefits of being a Priority Grabfood Partner. Welcome to join and good luck.

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