6 Additional Applications That Must Be Installed by the Latest Grab & Gojek Drivers

As an online driver, both motorcycle taxis and cars certainly need the main application to work. Applications such as Gojek or Grab for drivers are what will make drivers accept jobs. However, it seems that the main application alone is not enough, because additional applications are needed for Grab and Gojek drivers to make it smoother. And here are some additional applications that you must install for your online drivers.

The Importance of Supporting Applications for Online Ojek Drivers

When you only rely on the main application, it can be said that your performance will not be optimal. Just imagine when you drive to an address, but don’t know the location, you will get lost. For that you use GPS in order to get an accurate location according to the order. Moreover, in carrying out your work, you must compete with other drivers in getting orders.

Given the company, also does not limit the number of drivers in an area. So many end up using additional applications so that the driver application runs optimally. This of course is not a fraudulent way, everyone has the right to try. Each additional application does have a function that will make the application have excellent performance which will also affect future revenue.

Recommended Additional Applications That Online Drivers Must Have

There are lots of additional applications for grab and gojek drivers, which you can choose from in your Play Store. Some applications can indeed be downloaded directly on the Play Store, but some are in apk form so they must be downloaded on a search engine. Each application also has its own features that can be adapted to your needs later. Here are some additional applications that you must have as an online driver.

1. Signal Booster App

As an online motorcycle taxi or online driver, you will be in direct contact with technology, namely the internet. The existence of the internet is what will really help you in doing your job as a driver. So to make work smooth, you must have a strong network as the main capital. Strong signals will help you to get much more orders and of course have an impact on your income.

On the other hand, if the network is bad, performance will decrease, orders will not be crowded and also income will decrease. For that you need a plump amplifier application that will really help you. Especially when you are at a place where drivers gather. Where your signal competition will be at stake, whether you are able to shoot orders or not. Given the strength of the network is not always due to the provider used.

Weather to the condition of the phone will also greatly affect whether or not the network is strong. You can install additional applications for grab and gojek drivers, such as Ping Tool Pro, Network Signal Booster, OpenSignal and so on. This application will help to keep your internet signal strong. So you can get more orders, even if the weather conditions don’t support it.

2. GPS Booster App

Not only signal, you also need a GPS booster to keep it accurate. This application will help you to get a more accurate point of interest. GPS is one of the additional applications that you must have. And of course not a few who experience if using GPS actually feels longer. Not to mention the point of destination that is not always appropriate, or the trip reading that is delayed is not realtime.

An unstable GPS is caused by various things, one of which is internet conditions or the GPS itself. With the GPS booster application, you will find it easy to find your destination without fear of getting lost. It will even give you a much faster shortcut. There are several GPS booster applications that you can download and install, such as GPS Locker, GPS status, GPS Tools and others that can be used for Gojek or Grab.

3. Top Up Your Own Balance

To be able to work, drivers must of course fill their balance. It feels like it will take a lot of time if you have to visit a place to top up your balance. So it would be better if the supporting application for online motorcycle taxi drivers that must be owned is the top up balance application. Because this balance will be the main capital in order to be able to bid, although sometimes if it’s minus, you can still get orders.

You can install the e Banking application to make it easier to top up your balance wherever and whenever you need it. In addition to using e Banking, you can also top up your balance in several market places. However, it will still be related to e-banking so that transfers can be made easily. The e Banking application is also safe, because usually for activation you have to visit the bank where you opened the account.

4. Cleaner App

In carrying out work as a driver, the phone will immediately run several applications at once. Every application must have a cache that will make the memory full quickly. So you have to do periodic cleaning so that your main application does not experience interference. Especially large applications such as GPS and the driver application itself which produces a lot of cache.

For that you need a cleaning application to clean the cache that has accumulated. Some applications have special features that will make this garbage or cache cleanup run more optimally. Sometimes there are also applications that will delete applications that are not important to stop. Support applications for online motorcycle taxi drivers for cleaning can be easily found on your Play Store.

5. Battery Saver Apps

The performance of the battery on the smartphone must also be maintained. Do not let when you are working, suddenly the battery runs out and makes the cellphone die. This is of course very detrimental because it can lead to order cancellations and so on. Some people may already use a cellphone with a capable battery, or even prepare a power bank. But you still need this one application.

In addition to saving battery power, this application will also make your battery life longer. Because, you don’t need to charge your smart phone too often. You can easily find some of these battery-saving apps on the Play Store. Supporting applications for this online motorcycle taxi driver include DU Battery Saver, Fast Charging Pro, Green Battery Saver, Booster and others that you can adjust to your needs.

6. Financial Recording Application

As a driver, you will not get a salary every month. The salary obtained is a daily salary which is not certain how much. For that you need a financial recorder application so that every income and expenditure is well organized. One of the most widely used financial recording applications is Money Lover. This application will help to control your finances more easily.

Utilizing the default application from each company, is not prohibited. It’s just that it may not be optimal, when you have to compete every day to get enough income. The number of drivers is also a lot, while the number of consumers is uncertain. For that you have to optimize your application in order to get increased income.

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