20 Applications Supporting Grab/Gojek Driver Orders

Online Ojek Support Applications (Grab and Gojek) are applications that are used to support all activities during onbid so that it is easy to get orders. The way it works and functions are also different, some are used as signal boosters, some are used to increase GPS accuracy, RAM cleaners, and battery power savers. And all of that you definitely need because there are indeed some cellphones that may have a low GPS accuracy level, little storage media, small RAM to limited battery power.

Additional applications are divided into 2, namely official / recommended and unofficial (prohibited). Official applications are applications that are found on competent and trusted application provider sites that are generally trusted to provide legal applications. Meanwhile, unofficial applications are illegal applications that are at risk of theft of users’ personal data until they are banned by the company which results in breaking up with partners.

There are so many official and unofficial applications on the internet, even though the application is in the Playstore which in fact belongs to Google. However, this time what we will share are only official additional applications because they are to protect online motorcycle taxi drivers from unwanted things.

Support Applications For Gojek Grab Drivers To Add Gacor

Grab Gojek order capture application? It’s not like that, there is no apk that can capture orders directly. More precisely, an application that can help you maximize the performance of your smartphone and your ojol driver application (Gojak or Grab) in responding to the system so that orders can arrive faster. The applications that can support your onbid to be smoother are as follows:

Grab Gojek Driver Signal Booster Application

Signal/network booster application is an application that is used to stabilize network performance by always requesting (sending) and receiving (receiving) data packets. This application will always load data so that the network conditions will always carry out activities, not idle which results in delays in sending and receiving data.

However, this application will consume enough battery / power because the cellphone will be triggered and triggered to continuously load the internet. For cellphones with limited batteries, it is recommended to complete with a power bank when onbid because this application really makes the cellphone wasteful of battery.

The following is a signal booster application that you must have:

1. Termux

Termux application is actually a terminal application that is usually used by programmers to test networks. However, this application can also be used as a signal amplifier or stabilize the signal by using the ping command in the application. This application is quite light and small so that when you make a ping request to the destination server it does not drain battery power.

2. PingTools Network Utilities

This application is almost similar to termux, the only difference is how it works. In termux, we still enter the command code to execute

3. DNS Changer | Mobile Data & WiFi | IPv4 & IPv6

This app will find the best DNS for you with high speed. So, when your internet starts to slow down, it could be a full data exchange flow, so it is necessary to create a DNS path with loose data exchange.

4. Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster is an application that functions as a connection stabilizer, reconnector for all signals, both 2G/3G/4G to 5G. By using this application the data packets sent and received will not be interrupted.

5. WIFI signal strength meter

WIFI signal strength meter is an internet traffic flow indicator application either via WIFI or data packets. Apart from being an indicator, this application is good for improving traffic lines and even finding the best traffic lanes so that the internet flows without obstacles.

Online Ojek Driver GPS Accuracy Enhancement Application

The GPS Accuracy application aims to improve and ensure the GPS position of the cellphone so that it can focus and not move due to hot weather conditions, rain or the influence of internet network signals. By using this GPS Accuracy application, the system will read in real time the latest GPS position so that there is no delay or unreadable GPS.

With this application the satellite can ensure the driver’s gps position so that when an order comes in and accurate GPS can help the Gojek / Grab system in giving orders to drivers because high-accuracy GPS will make it easier for the server to read and not be a burden when the server is scanning the drivers

Here are the recommended GPS accuracy applications:

6. GPS Locker

GPS Locker is a GPS signal lock application so that it is accurate not affected by a bad internet signal. This application fixes the GPS position so that it doesn’t move which causes it to fail to focus on accurate location detection.

GPS Locker Features

  • AutoLock on Boot. This feature will lock the GPS automatically when after the cellphone is restarted.
  • Force Update GPS data on Lock. When the GPS is locked, the cellphone will pull the GPS signal data which will later be presented in the form of data and graphs.
  • Play sound on first fix. Function to activate the sound when the GPS is first accurate.
  • Fibro on first fix. Loading GPS data the first time it is calibrated.
  • Keep Screen On. If activated, even if the application is closed it still works behind the scenes.
  • Turn on The GPS with screen. Activate the GPS feature with the screen on.
  • In miles and feet. GPS accuracy in miles and feet
  • Use new button in style. Activate the button style in the application
  • Choose App for button quik start (appeal after GPS signal to be fixed. If activated, then if gps is fixed by the system, the application will open another application that has been determined / set
  • Autostart chosen App after GPS signal be fixed. Enable auto start of set application when GPS is fixed.
  • Unlock GPS after starting on app. When the application is activated, the GPS is in an unlocked state following the device.

7. GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix

This application is the same as GPS Locker which is GPS-accurate, but it is quite simple to use. You just click start and stop this application to activate and deactivate the application’s working function.

8. ActiveGPS – GPS booster

ActiveGPS – GPS booster is a lightweight GPS accuracy application that is also most in demand by online motorcycle taxi drivers.

The advantages of this application are background mode so the application continues to run on the screen, simple settings, automatically runs when the cellphone is reloaded, there is a status notification when the application is running.

9. GPS Fix

This application is quite simple and very easy to use and helps reduce the time to get the best GPS position.

10. GPS Tools

This application can sharpen the GPS position of your cellphone both when you are in the countryside, in the highlands, to when you are in an area with minimal signal. This application has the same function, which is to clarify GPS points that are blurred due to environmental conditions and distances that are too far from internet sources.

Ojol Partner Battery Saver Application

Battery Saver Application is an application that can save your battery and keep the battery current so that it is not wasteful. Whatever the brand and quality of your cellphone, you must install this saver application, because in addition to saving the battery, it also extends the life of the cellphone battery because it doesn’t charge the battery often.

Here are the Battery Saver Applications that we recommend:

11. Green Battery Saver, Booster, Cleaner, App Lock

Green Battery Saver is a Free and professional Super Cleaner that you can get on playstore. The advantage of this application is that it can save battery power by up to 50%, besides that this application has utilities that you can use such as Junk Cleaner, Ram Booster, App Lock and others that help speed up your phone, clean memory and manage applications.

12. DU Battery saver – Battery charger & Ram Cleaner

Du Battery Saver is an application that adopts a small, fast and simple system. Cools the performance of the mobile processor and reduces unnecessary RAM usage. This application also requires a Junk File Cleaner which aims to clean junk files on your cellphone.

13. Battery Saver And Super Charger

Battery Saver and Super Charger is a super simple and beautiful app to check battery status. This app helps optimize your battery. The most prominent feature of this application is full support for all screen resolutions even though they are small.

14. Fast Charging Pro (Speed up)

The features of this application are quite numerous and powerful. Among them: Automatically optimizes the phone’s charging capability, Turns off background applications that are not used, automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the percentage of the battery, When the phone is idle, it can control WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth properly, Real-time monitoring of cell phone temperature, and able to display the estimated time accurately.

15. Battery Power Saver

The advantage of this application is that it helps battery power so that it lasts longer. There are green, orange and red charging level indicators as markers and other features that lighten battery performance so that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

Grab Gojek Driver RAM Cleaner Application

Cleaner / RAM Booster application is an application that is useful for speeding up mobile performance. Usually, when the cellphone works with various applications. RAM performance will be divided according to the active application. So, each other attracts each other trying to use more RAM as a result of each other weakening each other and making your android phone sluggish and heavy. So, it is very important to clean with this additional application.

The following applications cleaner / booster RAM that we recommend:

16. Ram Booster Pro – Cleaner Master

Ram Booster Pro – Clean Master is an android application that has quite complete features in terms of cleaning mobile phone memory. In addition to cleaning memory, this application can clean cache attached to the operating system, besides this application cools the processor / CPU so that the cellphone will not heat up easily.

The simple design, cool and familiar interface make this application the most popular. With this application, in just one tap the application will work to clean ram immediately.

17. Auto RAM Cleaner

Auto RAM Cleaner is a pretty effective RAM cleaning app too. Apart from cleaning RAM, it also acts as a RAM booster at the same time. This application is equipped with an auto start feature, namely when the screen is on, the Auto RAM application will immediately work to clean RAM so that the cellphone becomes stable and does not cause lag or slowness.

18. RAM Cleaner for Android

RAM Cleaner for Android is a user-friendly application designed with just one click and attractive features. With this application, users can see the status of RAM before or after cleaning. This application is very suitable for high resource hp with many applications that consume power and memory.

19. Express RAM Speed Booster

Express RAM Booster is a RAM cleaning application that is not only a task killer but is unique in terms of RAM optimization techniques. This application is very powerful in cleaning RAM and is even believed to be able to optimize cellphones when playing games.

20. One Booster – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

One Booster application is an All In One application, one of which is to free up RAM from unused or excessive use. Has a smart battery saver system that is able to kill unnecessary unused applications that are running on-screen or behind-the-scenes. This application includes Antivirus, Save Battery Power, CPU Cooler packaged neatly and simply.

These are the applications that online motorcycle taxis often use, both Grab, Gojek, Maxim drivers and other services. There are many applications out there / playstore with a variety of service offerings, but we recommend those that are suitable for quality, simplicity and do not interfere with your driver application. Hopefully useful always, of course, keep your account as well as possible. 86 percent unique.

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