15 Ways to Register GrabFood for Restaurant Owners

For business owners of restaurants, restaurants, stalls, or the like, an advanced business must be a dream to be achieved. What’s more, advance as the food business becomes very crowded.

One way to make restaurant businesses or the like become more crowded is to register them with GrabFood. However, there are still many restaurant owners, restaurants, or the like who are still confused about how to register GrabFood for restaurant owners.

Well, in this article, we will explain how to register for GrabFood for the newest restaurant owners 2020. Why is it new? Because there are several tutorials on the internet that are no longer relevant to the system used by Grab.

Like how? Here’s a review on how to register for GrabFood for the newest restaurant owner 2021 for you.

Guide on How to Register GrabFood for Restaurant Owners

1. Register via the Grab website

To register for GrabFood for the first restaurant owner, you must open the official Grab website. You can access it via the url grab.com/id/. If it is connected, the display will appear as below:

If the display as above appears, select the “Be Our Partner” menu as shown in the blue box above. After selecting the “Be Our Partner” menu, select the “GrabFood Partner” submenu so that later you will be directed to the GrabFood site.

2. Select the Grabfood partner sub menu

After you select the “GrabFood Partner” submenu, you will be directed to the GrabFood site directly. You will be directed to the url grab.com/id/merchant/food/. Once connected, you will be directed to a page like the one below:

On the right side of the direction you are looking, there will be a request box entitled “Cooperation with us to become the restaurant of choice”. Well, this is the form you need to fill out for the first time if you want to register your restaurant as a GrabFood partner.

3. Enter restaurant information

Fill in the name of your restaurant, the full address of your restaurant, the city where your restaurant is located. You also need to fill in your full name as the owner of a restaurant or restaurant. In addition, also include your mobile number and personal email address.

The mobile number and email address that you include will be used as a contact person to be contacted by Grab.

Next, there is a section entitled “Number of shoppers per day”. You just choose one of the submenus that will appear according to the number of customers who come to the restaurant or restaurant every day.

Then at the bottom again there is a section entitled “Types of Restaurants at Grabfood”. In that section you must select “My restaurant is not registered” to register your restaurant or restaurant. If you have filled everything in, you need to click on the existing Captcha and click “REGISTER”.

4. Complete registration and click register

If you click “REGISTER” and you have filled in all the data, GrabFood will respond by directing you to a page that tells you that your registration process is being processed. You just have to wait for a confirmation email from GrabFood. The following is an overview of the page if you have successfully registered.

5. Check email from Grab

You need to wait a while to get a confirmation email from GrabFood. Why is that? Because GrabFood will first make sure the data you enter is genuine or not. But, usually for this part the confirmation process is easier

At least, it will take you about 15-30 minutes to get a confirmation email from GrabFood. If there is an incoming email from GrabFood, it will more or less look like the one below and the title will be like the one in the blue box.

If the email from GrabFood has arrived, scroll down the email until you find the words “Please click here to verify your email within 72 hours”. You just click on the words “click on” which is already blue and underlined.

If you have clicked, your email will be automatically verified and you will be directed to a page like the one below:

6. Wait for the follow-up email from Grab

Wait a moment, how to register GrabFood for restaurant owners at this step does take a long time. You will receive another email from GrabFood. This time the email you receive is in the form of a link to the registration form and also a list of the data and documents you need.

Approximately you have to wait about 15-30 minutes for the second email from GrabFood to arrive. If there is already an incoming email from GrabFood, the appearance of the email when you open it will be something like this:

Now, all you have to do is scroll down the email that you have received until you find the words “Click here to fill in your data & your restaurant” which is blue and underlined. Click on that sentence, then you will be taken to the GrabFood registration form page.

Oh yes, don’t forget to write down the verification code below, that code will be useful for entering GrabFood registration access. The picture is something like this:

7. Check and click the link from the Grabfood email

Now, if you have clicked on the blue underlined “Click here to fill in your data & restaurant” text, you will be directed to the GrabFood registration form page. Later there will be a lot of data that must be filled in by the restaurant owner.

In addition, you as a restaurant owner are really obliged to prepare all the necessary documents. You can see all the required documents in the body of the email in step number 6. More or less the form page looks like below. You just click “Next”.

If you have clicked it, you will be directed to a page that asks you to enter a verification code. You can take the verification code from the body of the GrabFood email that you previously opened.

If you have entered the verification code, click “Next“.

8. Fill in the merchant’s seller information

After you enter the verification code, you will begin to be directed to fill in “Merchand Details Seller Information”. In this section, you will be asked to fill in data about yourself as a restaurant owner and also your business data.

Make sure you have two emails and a phone number, one for seller data and one for your restaurant data. If you use the same email and phone number, GrabFood will ask you to change the email and phone number you use.

9. Click next to continue filling in the contact

If you have filled all the data, then click “Next“. You will be directed to the “Same Contact with Responsible Contact” page. In this section, you must enter your contact as the party who registered your restaurant.

In addition, you must also enter the contact person in charge of your restaurant. If you are both a registrant and an owner, you can enter the same data. However, if you are only a registrant, you must fill in according to the data you have.

11. Continue to fill in the many outlets you have

Then, when you’re done, as usual, click “Next”. You will be directed to a page where there is only one question. You just need to fill in how many restaurant outlets or restaurants you have.

Make sure it matches the data you really have. This data will be very helpful for all your branch outlets to get customers.

11. Provide branch information owned

If you have entered the number of your outlets, click “Next”. Now, the step of how to register for GrabFood for restaurant owners is to fill in the details of the data for each of your branches.

Well, unfortunately in this section there are only columns for two branches. For those of you who have many branches, we still don’t know if we can register all of them. But, what is certain is that you can directly register your two branches on GrabFood via this form.

As usual, you are asked to enter the name of the restaurant, the address of each of your branches, a contact number that can be reached, and the email address used. It will look more or less like this.

Oh yes, in this section you will also be asked to upload a menu list from your restaurant. Well, our suggestion is to prepare a menu list file that your restaurant has. That will make it easier for buyers to know the products you are selling.

12. Enter restaurant operating hours

If you have filled in all your branch data, you will be directed to the operating hours page for each of your branches. Now, in this section, if your branch has the same operating hours at the same time, you just have to select “Yes”.

Later, you will be asked to select the start and end hours of your restaurant’s operations. Remember, adjust it to your restaurant’s actual operating hours, so that GrabFood drivers can buy according to your operating hours.

13. Attach a photo of personal data and food

This step is the last part of the process of filling out your restaurant registration form to GrabFood. In this section, you will be asked to upload a photo of your ID card and a selfie with your ID card as your personal data.

In addition, you are also asked to send a photo of your restaurant from the front and inside. If you have a restaurant logo, you can upload it as the identity of your restaurant.

There is also a section for uploading a photo of your NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) and a bank account book. However, these two data are not required to be uploaded for the security of the owner. If you feel it’s important to upload, please upload it.

14. Complete registration

And for the last execution, you just click “Next”. So, if your registration is successful, you will be directed to a page like the one below:

If a page like the one above appears, it means that you have successfully filled out the form to register as a GrabFood merchant. You just need to wait for the electronic contract which will be notified by GrabFood via phone and email.

15. Download the Grabfood application and activate your OVO account

After the contract signing process, there are actually other steps, namely creating a GrabFood account on the Grab application and also activating OVO. But, because the steps are quite a lot, so maybe it will be discussed in another article.

Well, that was how to register for GrabFood for the newest restaurant owner in 2021. The registration process is indeed quite long and time-consuming, but after that you will get double profits because your restaurant is more widely known.

Enough articles from us, hopefully useful. See you in the next article.

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