12 Tips for Preparing to Bid That Online Ojek Drivers Must Know

Being an online motorcycle taxi driver is a job that is the choice of many people now. From the young to the old, from those that are used as main jobs or side jobs. In addition to the flexibility of work that is not time bound, the daily income of online motorcycle taxi drivers (both gojek and grab) is also quite attractive for most people to be able to earn a fortune here.

But behind the “good taste” side of being an ojol driver, there is a side that must be a concern. Being someone who works on the streets certainly has a high risk. For this reason, online motorcycle taxi drivers must have preparations to create security, comfort, and professionalism in the field.

Mandatory Preparation for Online Ojek Drivers (Gojek and Grabike)

This proverb shows how important “preparation” is. By doing the right preparation, you can win the match even before the match starts. Likewise, when you want to bid, prepare important things and can support your success in finding sustenance as a driver.

So what should an online motorcycle taxi driver prepare before bidding? For more details, let’s discuss together below, let’s listen!

1. Pray and ask for the blessing of the family

One’s success is God’s business, therefore it is important to pray and ask for the blessing of the family before starting. Ask to be prayed for to be safe, get a lot of blessed fortune, and make all his affairs easier.

This point is often underestimated considering that people only believe in their hard work without knowing that there is a creator behind it all who determines whether a person succeeds or not. So if you want to be successful, you want fortune, you want blessings, then approach the creator, approach the giver of all that, believe in God Almighty.

2. Small heating

It’s a good idea for an online motorcycle taxi driver to do a little warm-up before leaving. For example, doing small hand and foot stretches. What’s the point? Even though it’s trivial, believe it or not, this small warm-up is really useful for reducing body aches after a day of bidding.

3. Bring a water bottle

Working all day with uncertain weather conditions will certainly drain a lot of fluids in the body. This may seem trivial, but body fluids are very influential on health in the future. Therefore, preparing drinking water when looking for orders is very important for online motorcycle taxi drivers.

4. Check the condition of the vehicle before leaving

Vehicles are very vital for an online motorcycle taxi driver to be able to work. Before leaving to bid, there are times when the driver has to check his vehicle first. Checking the condition of the vehicle starting from the lights, brakes, to tires is a must before leaving to avoid things that are not desirable.

5. Wearing a mask

As a field worker who is exposed to vehicle pollution every day, of course an online motorcycle taxi driver must wear a mask. Exposure to pollution, especially for a continuous period of time, will result in the driver’s own health. For this reason, masks must be included in the list of preparations for bidding that must be brought in order to maintain health.

6. Bring a raincoat

In addition to masks, raincoats are equally important. Especially when the rainy season arrives, bringing a coat will be an added value. The driver should prepare 2 pairs of raincoats each for himself and the passengers.

7. Wear complete driving equipment

Like other road users, wearing complete driving equipment is very important to maintain traffic safety. Wearing a jacket, gloves, trousers, helmet, and shoes is a driving attribute for all road users in traffic. This is certainly done to create traffic comfort and safety.

8. Using complete attributes according to company rules

As a person who works under the company, online motorcycle taxi drivers must be professional at work. Showing professionalism at work is not always about behavior or performance in doing work. But using the full attributes required by the company is also a way to be more professional.

Each company has designed its own driver attributes, for example, the attributes provided by Grab in the form of jackets and helmets are not only corporate identities but also to ensure driving safety. An example is the latest grab jacket which features a flaming material which is very useful for drivers to drive at night.

9. Bring a charger or powerbank

Smartphones are a media driver for getting orders from passengers and without them it is impossible to keep bidding. In order to keep the driver mobile phone active, it is important to prepare a charger and power bank considering that the grab driver application can drain smartphone power.

10. Prepare a dime

Online motorcycle taxi companies generally implement a payment system through cash and digital payments through their applications. Knowing this, of course, an online motorcycle taxi driver must have sufficient spare change to meet cash payment changes to customers. Even though it sounds trivial, small change is also very important.

Why is it so important? because of trivial things such as not having change to change for drivers, passengers often complain. Therefore, change is something that must be prepared for online motorcycle taxi drivers because more or less factors determine customer satisfaction as well.

11. Bring a complete driving license

As good Indonesian citizens, of course we must comply with existing regulations. Bringing a driving license such as a driver’s license and STNK is mandatory for everyone, including an online motorcycle taxi driver.

12. Bring a waterproof smartphone case

As we all know, the weather is unpredictable. Especially when the rainy season arrives, an online motorcycle taxi driver must prepare a waterproof smartphone case or a specially designed container for using a smartphone when it rains. This waterproof case is very useful for drivers to view maps when it rains.

That’s a mandatory preparation review for online motorcycle taxi drivers that shouldn’t be missed. The goal is to create comfort and safety for drivers and passengers. In addition, by preparing all these things, the driver indirectly shows a professional attitude towards his work.

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